Our approach to, and design of, Show Me The Change – Complexity and the Art of Evaluation, reflects the conference topic and theme.

Hence Show Me The Change incorporates the following principles:

The actual conference is part of a continuum of conversations, interactions and events that have already started and will continue well beyond May 4 – 6

Conversations, relationships, then transactions
Providing space to have conversations about our deepest knowledge, our questions, our experiences and the tools we use to evaluate behaviour change. To be able to connect with others so as relationships continue, and to identify potential collaboration, learning and application.

Exploring the tangible AND intangible
Surfacing the questions we hold, the myths we perpetuate and the struggles we share, so as to walk away with new understanding as well as tools to apply immediately.

Putting down your clever and picking up your ordinary
How often do we say to ourselves “I’m not good enough” – or clever enough, or experienced enough, or anything else that diminishes our contribution? This conference acknowledges that everyone – yes, you too – has something to offer. So instead of striving to have the ‘right’ answer, or the ‘best’ approach, we encourage you to bring to this conference what is ordinary to YOU, because to the rest of us it ain’t!

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