It's about conversations and relationships

A while back, Chris Corrigan wrote this post called ‘Lessons About Invitation‘.

It’s about relationships and conversation. Elders tell me time and again after years of working in organizations and living in communities that the quality of life and work always comes down to relationships.  Younger adults and youth will talk about action and outcomes and getting things done productively and efficiently, but older people, who have time to reflect on their careers constantly tell me that focusing on relationships is more important, for quality, sustainability and effectiveness.  With this in mind, invitation needs to be about relationships and conversation too.  An one page written invitation is a sterile beast.  It does not reflect the mode of being that we are inviting people too.  If we want people to enter a conversation, we need to invite them there WITH conversation.  So reach out beyond sending out the email, embody and practice invitation with relationship building and conversation.”

Thought I’d share this with you all.


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