Linchpin by Seth Godin

2MASTERLinchpinA1Seth Godin has a new book out called Linchpin – Are You Indispensible?

Hugh MacLeod does a great interview with Seth about the book – in 10 questions. Here’s a taster:

“It’s so tempting to start dra wing maps for people. It makes them happy and it makes me feel smart. But resisting that temptation is the right thing to do, because once someone does it on their own a few times, they become unstoppable. Watching that change occur is one of the high lights of my professional life. And in fact, every great teacher I’ve ever known seeks the same outcome.”

And Hugh commented that the style of the book appeared angry. Seth replied:

“It’s not angry, Hugh. It’s urgent. I don’t think most people realize the precarious nature of our current situation, how close we are to the edge, and how little time we have to get our act together.”

I wonder what this book can contribute to our understanding of behaviour change?

There’s more information and links here.

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