Celebrating failure

Many of us are talking about the lessons and insights that emerge from failure. So this is an invitation. Add a comment about your failures and what you learned about evaluation of behaviour change.

Here’s one from facilitation to get us started, about my failure to practice the principle of letting the group do the work. I was working with a large and diverse group that was trying to determine the content of a new approach to operating. Instead of letting them get on with it, I facilitated a process with them where I became attached to the content, which meant I started manipulating how the group worked with that content. I soon noticed some participants disengaging from the process to varying degrees – some completely (by leaving) and others by being present physically, but not in any other way. The whole process, including content, had become mine, not theirs. So I put the pens down and stepped away, saying something like, “over to you now”. And I left the room. When I returned they had worked out what needed to be done without me and were getting on with it. A lesson for me to continue the practice of getting the group to do the work.

How about you? What have been your lessons from failure?

Viv McWaters

| May 5th, 2010 | Posted in Behaviour Change |

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