Liminal Space – How to bring it about AND How to evaluate what happens in it?

Complexity and the Art of Evaluation – Reporting Sheet

Leader:    Chad Foulkes

Participants: Many

Key Points:

Liminal space is where I discover what is and what could become

•    Teaching people to juggle (let go)

•    Questioning

•    Reflection – silence – structured – personal

•    Case study – see others experience & relate it to ones own experience

•    Loosen patterns & allow new / other things to connect to it

•    Simulations

•    Make a statement, stop talking & wait for others to contribute

•    When there is no stated “activity” yet the group “agrees” to do what it does – this can bring about change

•    Disrupting habits is our challenge

•    Humour as a way to get to limited space

•    Facilitate self evaluation rather than evaluate what happened

•    The report is the artefact, the work has been done then

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