Ripple effect & nonlinear snowball + How to tip the tipping point faster

Complexity and the Art of Evaluation – Reporting Sheet

Leader:    Kathryn McCallum & Ross Egleton

Participants: Keren Winterford, Rob Catchlove, Deanne Wijey,
Jacqui Boreham, Alison Wallace, Candia Bruce
Hayley Giachin, Greg Bruce, Sarah Bartlett,
Gillian Paxton, Julian Donlen, Mike Dodd,
Sue Arndt, Christina Ting, Adrianne Fanning
Ross Egleton

Key Points:

Surfcoast Energy Group, Port Phillip Bay “Human Sign” where parents we transformed to become more sustainable as their children influenced them to join the sign.  WorkSafe Health checks that encouraged story telling within organisations to talk about health and de-stigmatise health issues, GET UP projects.

Key Themes

Include baseline, decide on outcome and work backwards, decide to evaluate ripple effect or simply the activity, embedded evaluation at different levels and cater for unexpected outcomes.  Unexpected outcomes can become recommendations and can also influence expected outcomes.  If evaluating ripple effects then need mechanism to collect information.

Determine functional groups where people can report back to ensure community is holistic eg the school community goes beyond students and parents.  Need cross sector community group, use strength in networks, it’s a fallacy that we can control, allow for waves of change s actions may be immediate or dormant.

Storytelling was crucial and provide forum for this and for people, as much as possible to relate effort (good and bad) back to the functional group.  Learning forums such as reunions or ½ day sessions to people to share their stories which can be treated as a closure or celebration of “where to from here”? – collective social learning with action plans.  Education has limitations and the “nag factor”.  Discussed incremental change v’s massive change and important the policy is v. powerful and that research informs policy.

Digital networks – count internet views or hits relating to original email of social pressuring and data in database non-linear – see social network analysis or June Holly – “Network Weaving”.

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Resourcing emerging properties / groups / successes relate reporting back to the activity / group.

Evaluation can be clear cut, especially in research, if well designed though harder with community action.

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