Building a culture of evaluation


Complexity and the Art of Evaluation – Reporting Sheet

Leader: Steton Kantmon

Participants: Amy O’Brien, Pam Beattie, Nicole, Kate Patken, Keren Winterford, Catherine Doran, Natalie Moxham, Jen Orange, Narelle Chambers, Liz Franzmaan, Rob Catchlove, Julie Richmond.

Key Points:



  • Being able to learn from failure safely

  • Joint leadership management

  • Knowing why you’re doing it

  • Learning, reporting

  • System/roles in place that encourage doing, own acting on results

  • Requiring recommendations, input data, action
  • Success driven culture, not acknowledging failures

  • Lack of resources to act on evaluation

  • Pressure to report results before expected change can happen

  • Tenure of champions to start

  • Failing to integrate accountability reporting goal with learning/improvement goal

  • Reactiveness to short term/lack of strategy

  • Tangle up of identity/investment in approach


  • Have dedicated roles/ongoing

  • Recognise need for results of different scales

  • Ownership of evaluation by users; focus on doing it for us – primary audience is the program delivery

  • Don’t confuse evaluation for management, define framework at beginning

  • Keeping progress log as living document

    • win it

    • own it – bring governance/funder along

  • Distinguish monitoring from evaluation, but integration

  • Whole of organisation provision, accountability and affectiveness, local tailoring and modification, to help solve local problems and make decisions

  • Links to planning and goal setting – integrate with business planning

    • program log = budget

    • evaluation frame = actions

  • Rather than showing individual contribution, show collective contribution of partners/stakeholders

  • Have agreed/scaled indicators for different levels of intervention, different positives

  • Multi-layered collaboration for intervention avoids the need for competing claims to have solved problems

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