Behaviour change programs, examples of stuff that works and how to build on and learn projects/programs


Complexity and the Art of Evaluation – Reporting Sheet

Leader:    Rebecca Petit

Participants: ZandyTibballs    Martin Hausenblas
Fay Valcanis    Darlene Pertland
Jonathan Day    Megan Hughes
Merryl Whyte    Felix Acher
Debbie Megyar    Michael Baranovic
Helga Svendsen    Michelle Lambert
Millicent Burke    Anjali Pal
Bridge Wetherral    Ian Blair
Brian Hardy    Marcia Hewitt
Greg Campbell    Julia Davies
Danielle Kennedy

Key Points:

•    CBSM – use of tools, prompts etc. case studies work, may not go deep enough with values – moving from energy – water –

•    Future perfect – green home – way of visioning a utopia

•    YVW behaviour change barrier breakdown process, levels of engagement, water smart – based on social data methodology, 2 yrs of data before 9000 – based on.  Produced data around self reported change

•    Internal and external barriers eg can’t affect my water bill – cost

•    Board – aware of change, energy knowing its usage and cost eg usually swimming pools.  Black balloons campaign marketing not tangible.  Was successful in some visual aspects.

•    People are so different – amount of positive thinking – 3 important parts of it – what will be the outcome of the action for me?  2 – social pressure – is there a group of people around me who care – males, gov, neighbours etc. and 3 – barriers – what are they – money, time etc?   ……………………..????? these barriers there are people who are willing and people who are not willing.  Survey – what are those beliefs?  Eg Townsville example, people will do it for environment etc.  I…………………………………………….????Positive thinking to support this target. (name of the model) Author fishbeinicekajzen – predicting action and change behaviour, the reasoned approach.

•    Need a multi-prong approach eg legislation, cultural norms, beliefs, etc.

•    Household relationship & habits how to effect

•    Transition towns – read the transition handbook by Rob Hopkins.  Connecting communities and building resilience in peak oil, conversations, relationships then transactions.  The sharehood –   CSA – community sustainable agriculture – similar views

•    Princes Hill High School & Lauriston on the school building – solar panels, water tanks etc.  Assi – Australian Sustainable Schools – resource smart is the Victorian Section – SEC – SV-website

•    Jika – Jika – growing greening neighbourhoods house

•    ANU – does network analysis look at how connected the communities are and what model will you use to target group eg aids example on unit address large group and disconnected groups.

•    Transition book self funded from day one – to do your own and have active people – steering committee to be Rachel Lowery – palm oil.  Act for nature campaign – commitment chosen

•    Solar critics – Townsville – magnet and follow – 6 months later

•    Increase your own commitment to remind yourself

•    Behaviour change models and theories CBSM

•    Community grass roots organisations that work eg transitions towns.  The sharehood etc. examples of demonstrations that work eg Princes Hill high – solar panels on school, raintanks etc – growing greener neighbourhoods etc.

Examples of programs, other councils, sustainable homes, greenhouse ACF etc SLAH – sustainable living at home – evaluation on website.

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